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Maggie Wong Ho Yee(黃皓怡)於香港成長,修讀平面設計與藝術課程,現為自由業插畫師,工作包括壁畫、小說創作插圖 、 繪本插圖和水彩導師, 亦為不同品牌繪畫即時人像畫 。數年前於愛爾蘭和日本兩個文化迥異的國度生活,回港後專注創作,在多種文化的衝擊下,希望用繪畫來表達內心一種難以言喻的心情與不安的感覺於畫紙上,透過畫作抒發自身在思想上的糾結。
Maggie的作品曾於加拿大、日本等地展出,作品更獲選「第一屆香港國際水彩雙年展《愛在一起》」的入圍名單與日本JIA Illustrators' Association所舉辦的「JIA Illustration Award 2016」的提名名單。她喜歡以水彩偏向淡然的色彩來繪畫,令作品有種靜謐感覺。除了水彩運用,也會使用乾粉彩、木炭、鉛筆、墨水等進行不同創作。

Maggie Wong born and raised in Hong Kong, she completed her graphic design studies and is currently a freelance illustrator. Her work includes illustrations for novels and portraitures. She spent time in Ireland and Japan a few years ago and has infused these cultural influences into her art.
Maggie’s work has been exhibited worldwide, including Canada and Japan. Her work “Love United” was exhibited at the 1st “International Water Color Exhibition Hong Kong, 2016” and was nominated for the JIA Illustration Award 2016 in Japan. She excels at water color, but is also proficient with other media such as pastel, charcoal, pencil, ink, etc.
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